Jae Edwards
Owner & Head Strength Coach
Strength, Size, Speed & Rehabilitation
Competed in athletics and rugby along with recreational polo. Has a passion for developing young athletes though working with professional athletes motivates him as a strength & conditioning coach. Jae also works a lot with non-athletes helping them to reach their goals including weight loss/body-fat reduction and developing muscle.
Adam Bujka
Endurance & Strength
Played competitive rugby and competes in various triathlons. Whilst developing athletes Strength, He is a strong believer in mainlining or enhancing their aerobic capacity. Adam also trains non-athletes with a serious, fun and rewarding approach. His travels around the globe has equipped him highly with developing individuals and teams.
Bradley Yapp-Chung
Manual Therapist
Technique, Anatomy & Rehab
His passion for anatomy shows in the major results given to his clients movement. Brad a former sprint coach uses various different manual therapy methods like Rolfing. Removing scar tissue and going deep into tissue allows him to always bring positive change to whoever he puts on his table.