Why Soldiers May Struggle To Gain Muscle

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Soldiers often struggle to gain type II muscle fibers, they tend to develop more type I
muscle fibers due to the having a heavily aerobic training program. Three major factors
heavily influence the development of both mentioned muscle fibers; rest nutrition and
training. Though muscle fiber type is genetically predisposed this can be harnessed from the
type of training done. Type I fibers tend to be more prominent within endurance athletes and
Type II more in explosive athletes i.e. sprinters.
Anabolism and Catabolism is a set of metabolic pathway, anabolic is to build up of organs and
tissues (muscle) using energy, whilst catabolic is the breakdown creating energy. Soldiers when on
exercise or operations tend to predominantly be in a catabolic state due to having limited and
irregular sleep, basic nutrition and highly taxing aerobic activity. On the other hand, when soldiers
return home or ‘in camp’ they can freely return to an anabolic state. This will allow them to have
regular rest in order to recover, consume more proteins and carbohydrates having easier access,
and do more resistance/anaerobic training.